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Fidelity Memorial Group is looking to acquire or partner with independently-owned funeral homes and cemeteries. We currently have operations in Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, and New Jersey and would be excited to add your business to our family no matter where you are located!

Ensure your family’s financial security

Preserve your legacy (and keep your family’s name on the door!)

Maintain community relationships

Create an ongoing opportunity for your staff

Select your next role and allow us to support your operations

Share resources and streamline operations

Testimonials from our Partners

Selling your business to a stranger is a scary concept, at least it was for me. It has been a year now since I sold to FMG and as they say, hind sight is 20/20. I’m still waiting for them to start barking orders on how things must be done, as I’ve heard the big consolidators do almost from day one. However working with Kyle and his team has felt more like having partners in the business than having bosses up some chain of command. FMG has a fantastic operational model and the support team at the main office has been great to work with and have taken over all of the “owner” duties, like paying bills, payroll, accounting, etc. I can just focus on serving families, staff development and continue to build the brand, knowing that a succession plan is already in place for my funeral homes, plus I now have “Quality of life” and my first real vacation in 20 years. Of course there have been some changes, but thus far with every “change”, I’ve had to ask myself “Why didn’t I think of that or do that sooner”. As I enter the second year as a “team” with FMG, I’m looking forward to a long and mutually prosperous future, knowing that my “Brand” and “Legacy” are well protected.

Funeral Home Partner

Fidelity Memorial Group has been a breath of fresh air at our cemetery. They have invigorated the business of the cemetery, and are working tirelessly to repair and restore a decade of neglect

Non-Profit Cemetery Partner

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